I’ve built lots of websites and worked on even more. I love working with clients to achieve perfect brand representation, beauty and maximum effectiveness.


I am passionate about designing beautiful websites and capturing the essence of the client’s personality in the work.

I enjoy the interactivity with my clients and value the relationship forged in the development of a website. I understand that finding a webmaster can cover the range from just needing a simple site done fast to a long-term, business and personal relationship that hinges on integrity and communication. I aim to serve these needs.

I also love playing Bass and you will find me in various bands in the Madison/MKE area.

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Website Design

I build professional websites that can meet the scope of my customers needs. I use a CMS like WORDPRESS that allows the site owner to change, manage or edit their own website with the same ease as posting on facebook or writing an email. This keeps the clients’ web costs low when they need to make changes to their website. The level of client involvement in the updating of their site is completely up to them…. it is YOUR site!

It is important to capture the essence of your business in a quick and recognizable format to your particular niche, and part of my design philosophy centers on meeting this end. In many cases a website can make or break a business transaction, and a clean, easy to navigate site can make all the difference in how well you communicate your message.

I work with many partners if there is something unique that you need that i don’t do. I also offer rock-bottom pricing on hosting at $15.95 a month (including secure backups) if you prefer to not deal with setting up your own hosting account.

Contact me today. I look forward to working with you!


Logo Design, E-Commerce, Email Marketing, Blogs, Event Handling, Media Presentation, Music Players, Embeds, cute little icons, album shops, shops and more shops, surveys and forms, and SEO! Whew! Oh and shops.


John Christensen Web Design
(608) 432 2814

Please drop me a line if you want to learn more or would like to hire me!

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